Aleksandar Martinovic

Wealth Creator

Aleksandar is a serial entrepreneur, investor and public speaker with a vast global network of contacts. He travels 20+ countries each year, meets hundreds of people and connects everyone of them wherever he sees opportunities. Aleksandar is the driving force behind the We Do Business™ network, with whom you will find solutions for almost every business owner’s needs in the shortest time frame possible.

Aleksandar comes from Serbian origin and for the last 14 years he has been doing business from West Europe. Recently he moved his operation to the U.A.E./Dubai. His traveling allowed him to become a real ‘super connector’ and one of the most elite networkers. Due to his international connections it was easy for him to transfer this into business opportunities.

Regardless in which situation you, as a business owner or entrepreneur, find yourself with your company, Aleksandar is your number 1 point of contact for building wealth and take your company to the next level with creative funding solutions, acquisitions and listing your company on the stock exchange in the most innovative ways.

His mission is to help others to transfer their mindset into a real wealth building state of mind.